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Hottie Of The Week

Olivia Wilde
Jun 25, 10 1:24 AM
Jakes White
Apr 17, 10 9:09 PM
Calvin Interviews Nando
Apr 15, 10 10:43 AM
Professor Putricide
Mar 26, 10 7:13 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Mar 26, 10 2:44 PM

Welcome to the Disney Channel Club website bitchess
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Hito!, Jun 25, 10 1:24 AM.
We are playing PSO, What are you doing eh?!

Jakes White

Hito!, Apr 17, 10 9:09 PM.

Calvin Interviews Nando

Hito!, Apr 15, 10 10:43 AM.

Professor Putricide

Diney Channel Club, Mar 26, 10 7:13 PM.
Professor Putricide.

We're killing this homo next so you better know the strat!
Here is some help for you noobs.

How To Professor Putricide:

Lazy people who don't read click here (Noe)

Everyone (in order of importance):
  • Get out of green puddles.
  • Get as far away as possible from the adds (slimes/oozes, reddish-brown and green) before they target someone. Green slimes (called Volatile Ooze) appear on the green side, so move to the brown side before it spawns, and vice versa. This gives you the maximum amount of time to kill them before they reach their target.
  • If a brown slime (called a Gas Cloud, for some reason) targets you (you'll see a brown beam on you), you must kite the slime (Don't worry, it will only be for maybe 15 seconds).
  • After he freezes the raid with his Tear Gas (around 80%), avoid the brown flasks on the ground. They explode after 10 or so seconds.
All dps:
  • Dps the slimes after they have a target (as long as its not you). They should die very quickly (20 seconds or so) and hopefully never reach their target. Appoint someone to call out slimes if you must.
  • Dps the professor.
  • The instant you see the green/brown beam from the slime, get to the slime and kill it asap. Both slimes do not pick their target immediately. Wait for their cast to finish.
  • The brown slimes change targets. Don't be near it when it finishes casting (3 second cast, every 15 seconds or so); if you happen to be the next target, it will instantly explode and wipe the raid. If you can't handle this constant running in and out, just stay on the professor, and leave the brown slime to the ranged.
  • Get on adds (the slimes) asap. Remember not to be near them when they target someone.
  • After 80%, watch for the small bouncing green slime. If it is heading your way, get out of its path.
  • If too many ranged are within melee range, the bouncing slime will target the melee and likely cause a wipe due to the lost dps, especially in phase 3.
Main Tank:
  • Tank the professor.
  • As soon as a slime targets someone, move to where it spawned. It will take some time, and you need to be in proper position for the next slime.
  • An alternative strategy is just hug the wall on the brown side of the room, since brown slimes can be kited, and green slimes cannot.
  • You will be controlling the Abomination. At the start of the fight, go use the 'DRINK ME' potion in the back of the room.
  • At 35%, you will lose your abomination. You will then take turns taunting the boss with the Main Tank each time either of you get a debuff.
Abomination/Off Tank:
  • You must snare the slimes it as soon as it is target-able (ability 2). The snare is a spray, so you can do it from a distance - just don't miss! Do not snare right before the phase change at 80%
  • Between slimes, eat green puddles as fast as possible (ability 1). Puddles still grow even as you eat them, so make sure they are all gone before moving to the next. If you do it right there will never be more than two puddles.
  • If you have no slimes or pools up, go whack the boss with your -20% armor attack (Ability 3).
Here's what you have to heal through:
  • Mutated Abomination Aura. Average 2k to the entire raid every tick, until 35%. It isnot affected by distance.
  • Green puddle damage if someone is in it (ticks for 2kish)
  • Green ooze damage, called Volatile Ooze Adhesive, channeled on target.
  • Brown ooze damage, DoT called Gaseous Bloat on target. A new target (and thus a new DoT) every 15 or so seconds. Might want to add this one to your debuff-watcher addons
  • Green ooze explosion if it reaches its target. One explosion is usually healable, two is not.
  • Brown ooze explosion (usually a Wipe)
  • Green potions (the bouncing slime). Aoe damage on contact.
  • Brown potions (the land mines). Aoe damage if someone is near.
  • and of course, Boss melee on tank.
Fortunately, most of this damage can be avoided if the Dps does everything right. After 35%, he soft enrages, increasing all damage by 50%. Good luck.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Diney Channel Club, Mar 26, 10 2:44 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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